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Art exhibit for missing women | Barrie Examiner

Two moccasins were attached to skinny branches, representing the legs of a woman whose body had been destroyed by the elements. After watching This River, a Canadian Film Board documentary about the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls in class, Kohring was one of a dozen students who drew inspiration from the film to use art to tell the women’s stories. More than 5,000 kilometres northwest, public hearings of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls began in Whitehorse on Monday. In a long white tent on the banks of the Yukon River, a five-person commission will hear from families of some of the 1,000 aboriginal women and girls reported killed, and another 164 reported missing, to the RCMP between 1980 and 2012. At the top of the hill in Lackies Bush, student Olivia Fetterly, 17, had created a web by braiding white and clear plastic bags into a makeshift canvas. Pop cans and twigs were crammed into the netting and a single face painted across a corner of the plastic represented the missing women, Fetterly said. “I wanted it to look rough,” Fetterly said. “The Red River is choked with garbage and sewage. This is what’s in there. Another four bodies have been found there recently and I thought this represented that.” Teacher Tracey Aylesworth walked through the woods between installments, ensuring the students and their exhibits were holding up during the tour. Aylesworth said she and other high school and elementary teachers attended a one-day workshop in the community centre in Rama last fall to understand the national Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the inquiry into the missing women.

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